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The Harry Potter Tag

 As a massive Potterhead, when I saw this tag on It's Just Sofie, I screamed a little inside. I love Harry Potter and this tag in general so answering the questions was hilarious. This is for the Potterheads or fan girls out there, I got quite into it... Hope you enjoy!

What is your favourite book?
Starting with a tough one eh? I would say Chamber of Secrets because it's the one that started my obsession with Harry Potter when I happened to pick it up as a child and have been hooked ever since. But really my favourite would have to be The Goblet of Fire because the story is so much more complex and intriguing than the movie. I love the story and for some reason it's always the book that I reach to first.
What is your favourite movie?

Hmm... probably Deathly Hallows part 2? I think it does the book justice and is an epic movie in itself. They build the atmosphere really well. Looking through the gifs for this answer reminded me again of how many awesome scenes are in this movie. The bank, Neville smuggling them in, Molly killing Bellatrix!! Gif wise, the choice was endless. Also, as a rule, the acting from the younger actors just got better and better throughout the series so the last movie (in my opinion) has the best theatrical techniques. Okay now I'm on a rant, I might as well mention how BLOODY AWWESOME the music is in the last film. Talk about building tension... I think it's because they split the last book, it allowed the film to stick more closely to the book and explore the scenes that were written so well. Although! They do miss out one of my favourite EVER book scenes in which Harry confronts Voldemort before (SPOLIER!!) killing him.
It's pretty close as The Prisoner of Askaban is my other favourite and sticks with the book well. I think the acting is surprisingly good for their age (and they have got out the awkward voice breaking stage which we see in The Chamber of Secrets.)  
What is your least favourite book?
Another tough one, I love all the books! If I had to choose, it would be The Order of the Phoenix but that's more about the events of the story than the book itself if that makes sense? It's the one with Umbridge and Sirius' death which are two of the most annoying/heart breaking events in the entire series.
Although it's got to be said that the fight scene between Voldemort and Dumbledore is one of the best scenes in the entire series... it beats the final duel by far!!
What is your least favourite movie?
I'm sorry to say this, I know it's the original but it would have to be The Philsopiphers Stone. As child actors, Emma, Rupert and Dan are brilliant but child acting still cringes me out, no matter how much I love them.
What parts of the book/movie make you cry?
I'm not much of a crier (sorry I know I'm dead inside) so I rarely cry throughout Harry Potter but there are moments that get me pretty teared up. Both the movie and books' interpretation of Fred's death makes me pretty emotional as it's such an unexpected death of someone who is so innocent and positive. Sirius' death has to be up there as well, killing off one of my favourite characters is never gonna be a pretty sight.
But how can I forget the moment in the woods where Harry's parents, Sirius and Lupin all reappear to Harry before he walks to his death?! If that doesn't get the tears running, I don't know what would.
If you could hook up with any character, who would it be?
This is gonna be gross whoever I say but I have definitely thought about this on the down low. Obviously I'm talking about in the later films (the last one specifically), but Neville emerges as a hero which is always a lil flusterring. I also feel like Sirius Black as a teenager would've been pretty hot but we didn't get to see much of that in the movie (although I'm not complaining Gary Oldman!)
Who is your favourite character?
I'm gonna split this into female and male for simplicity:
My favourite female character would have to be Luna Lovegood I think. She is so quirky and don't give no flying fu*ks what anyone thinks of her. I like that.
Favourite male character is a lot harder (and is weirdly similar to my answer to the previous question.) I'm thinking either Sirius or Lupin but.. um no.. Neville. I love him, he has been picked on since day 1 despite being a loyal, sweet friend. And then finally in the last 2 movies he gets his shining moment and ends up saving Hermione and Ron cos he's a bloomin' boss. Go you Neville.
Who is your least favourite character?
Is this even a question? Umbridge, of course. She is a evil nasty biatch and I would take lunch with Voldemort over lunch with her any day. I always consider Bellatrix because she killed Sirius and tortured Hermione. But for some reason I just can't hate Helena Bonham Carter, even when she is playing psychotic witches.
What is your favourite quote?
There are so many but I've always loved the conversation between the golden trio after Harry has kissed Cho. Hermione says 'Just because you've got the emotional range of a teaspoon' to Ron which I think is bloody brilliant and light hearted in comparison to everything else that's going on.
What is your least favourite quote?
'In dreams we enter a world that's entirely our own.' Dumbledore said this in The Prisoner of Askaban and it's not that I don't like the quote, in fact I think it's quite nice. It just annoys me because one of my teachers decided to put it up in a classroom I hate so it just reminds me of school rather than Harry Potter.

What would your patronus be?
I had to think about this one, what would my patronus be? I remember I once did a quiz (soz) and I got a wolf. I'm gonna stick with that because I love wolves, they're actually my favourite animals.
What would your boggart be?
If we're going deep, it would have to be similar to Molly Weasley's. Watching all her loved ones die, that's got to be the worst thing possible. That scene breaks my heart. But in reality, I'm petrified of shop mannequins and mannequins in museums so it would probably be something like that.
*Can we all agree that the clown that someone turns the boggart into to make it less scary is 100% more terrifying than the snake. Yes? Thank you.*
What would you rather: the elder wand, invisibility cloak or the resurrection stone?
Is this even a question? No matter how cool the elder wand and resurrection stone sound, we know that we would all choose the invisibility cloak. The most powerful wand in the world sounds cool but being a muggle, I can't think of any practical uses. Come on, who hasn't thought about how much stuff they could do/get away with, if they were invisible?
What house would you be in?
Not ashamed to admit I've done the official Pottermore quiz (as well as some others just to check) and I am proud so say that I am a true Ravenclaw. I kinda could of guessed. Even when I purposely try to be evil and shit, I still end up Ravenclaw... I'm a little house proud so it annoys me that Grrifyndoor is always the centre of attention. What do Ravenclaw get eh? Actually, Luna and Cho are both Ravenclaw; who needs the golden trio?!
If you were on the Quidditch team, what position would you play?
I'm not sure if I would join the Quidditch team? Being a commentator would be fun though... But to play along with the tag, I would have to be a keeper as a magical ball with a mission to smash my face in does not sound like my idea of fun.
If you could bring one character back to life, who would it be?
I want to say Fred... I really do... But no. It would have to be Sirius. Not only is he Harry's only family and an all round awesome guy, I think the circumstances in which Sirius was killed were unfair. At least Fred died fighting for good, Sirius died because Voldemort planted a false image into Harry's head... talk about underhand tactics.
If you could meet any member of the cast, who would it be?
Helena Bonham Carter, 100%. Not only did I love her performance as Bellatrix, I love her as an actress in so many other things, it would be a dream to meet her.
Were you happy with the ending?
The question of all questions. I think my short answer is no, not really.
I love the way Harry kills Voldemort in the books. There's something satisfying about Harry finally beating Voldemort and literally telling him why he's lost. If you've not read that scene then I beg you do, it makes the final battle in the movie look like an extra scene.
I'm also not sure about the 19 years later epilogue. I understand the thought behind it. It finishes off the story by showing Harry, Ron and Hermione getting on with their own lives. I also understand that if that hadn't been included, we would all be killing ourselves to find out what happened after the battle (who got married, who had kids ect..) But it feels like a bit of a lazy way to end such an amazing series. And can we just talk about Harry's kids names. Okay I know you want to commemorate the dead, but really?! This poor 11 year old boy (who's already going to be the subject of a lot of interest due to his parents), has got to go to his new school named after 2 recently dead teachers? I know this sounds super disrespectful but surely there are other ways to remember the dead instead of giving your son a ridiculously long name with a who's who of famous dead wizards.
How much does Harry Potter mean to you?
A lot. It's something that's been there through all different stages of my life and has been something that I can look forward to or escape to if I'm having a bad day. In a less emotional way, it is an amazing story that captured my imagination as a child and I still love now. I was running a fandom account properly (I still own it but am less active now) and made so many good friends by our shared love of Harry Potter.

If you want to try this tag, let me know so I can have a read it, I love seeing everyone's answers! Or leave a comment below about any of my answers or the questions.

Thanks for reading and I'll see you next time,
Laura Stone x


  1. Great post! I can't quibble with your a huge Potter fan myself I think I'll try to take a crack at this on my blog as well!

    As great as the books are, how great was the casting in the films? I read all of the books first but now when I read them again I always visialIze the characters how they look in the movies. Probably the best long series of movies ever made.

    1. Thank you, glad you enjoyed it! It was really hard deciding but you should definitely try it, it's so fun.

      I totally agree, it's by far the best casting I've seen. You've hit the nail on the head there, when I read the book Alan Rickman IS Snape, I even imagine the actors' voices.

      Thanks for reading, have fun doing the tag!
      Laura x

    2. I think where they also excellent is that they had some well known actors but the rest were new/unknown, or character actors who all came into their own during the films. I mean. Robbie Coltrane was just super as Hagrid, for example.

      I'll work on this and share a link when it's done!

  2. Love love love this post!! It's bloody brilliant and your gifs are perfect! Sirius dying made me cry when I read the book and Gary Oldman as Sirius is seriously tastey.
    I'm defo going to have to get on board with this tag!

    X x

    1. Thank you so so much, glad you enjoyed it :) I know right, Sirius' death was just uncalled for and emotionally draining!
      You totally should, it's so fun to do (you can probably tell I got into it by all the gifs...)
      Thank you and good luck! Let me know if you do the tag so I can have a nosy
      Laura x

    2. I'll agree with you both, Sirius' death was a bummer, especially because of how anti-climactic it was. Not a blaze of glory but just getting blasted into the portal. It was even a bit more limp in the film than in the books when really it should've been the other way around.

  3. I love this and I'm glad you decided to do it! The gifs are such a nice touch! ;)

    I completely agree with you about Neville. The clown? At least as creepy as the snake. And the fight scene between Dumbledore and Voldemort is AMAZING!

    It's great to meet a fellow Ravenclaw ;) xx

    1. Thank you! Glad you liked it, it was so fun to do! :)

      I know right, Neville is the unsung hero of the whole series.

      Same to you ;) Thanks for reading, Laura xx